The sustainability projects of


Some like it HOT!

In the summer of 2020, an important replacement investment was made in Wolfern, Austria. A new thermal oil heater was installed to heat several production plants and continues to guarantee the necessary process stability and the associated product quality. Positive side effects include increased efficiency due to faster heating processes for cooking equipment, reduced gas consumption and an added heating capacity of 30 percent. This means that WEINBERGMAIER is also prepared for future growth.


A new cool in Wolfern

With the completion of the first plant expansion, a new refrigeration plant was also built. A deliberate choice was made for a climate-friendly, sustainable and energy-efficient technology. The new refrigeration plant serves all cold storage and freezer rooms at the Wolfern location and also provides the necessary refrigerating capacity for the yeast dumpling freezer. Energy efficiency is also increased, because WEINBERGMAIER uses the waste heat generated (through heat recovery) for generating hot water.