Austria is our country of origin and serves as the starting point for our business activities. As a regional partner to the domestic farming industry, we process and refine first-class produce from the Austrian countryside. Our efforts are rewarded by economic success on both the national and international levels.

The foundation for our success is our Austrian attention to quality, which is a key factor in our ability to successfully position Austrian products in Europe and continue to increase the share of exports in our total sales.



Our greatest success factor is our employees, whose numbers have steadily grown over the past few years thanks to numerous expansions in Austria and abroad. 3.600 employees are working together to ensure a successful future for VIVATIS. By pursuing this expansive corporate strategy, we’ll continue to create more high-quality jobs in Europe in the years to come.


through growth

In recent years, VIVATIS Holding AG has been able to steadily increase sales revenues, with our current annual sales 2023 at 1,285 billion euros. But despite this gratifying result, we’re not coasting on our past successes; rather, we’ll continue to intensify our efforts to position Austrian food in core Central European markets in the future.



Employees: 3.600
Sales: € 1,285 billion
Export share: 21,4%
Number of affiliates: 25

Status: 2023

25 group companies
1285 Billion annual sales 2022
21 % export share



Firmly rooted in Austria, VIVATIS Holding AG extends across all of Central Europe. This provides the foundation for successful future expansions in all areas and for continuing internationalization with a focus on core European markets. Our export share is currently 21,4 percent.

Austria isn’t just our key market: Our group headquarters is also located here in Linz, Upper Austria, along with several production and office sites at various locations throughout the country.
All of our subsidiaries distribute their brands in Austria.
The VIVATIS Holding AG subsidiaries SENNA, Gourmet, and FWT have been active in Europe’s largest food and agricultural product market for years. Despite strong competition, these subsidiaries have continued to achieve steady growth in the German market.
The Czech market is important for VIVATIS Holding AG not just because of its geographical proximity but also due to its growth rate and positive development.
Maresi Foodbroker successfully distributes the Group's brands in the Czech Republic, while SENNA offers its entire range in collaboration with local distribution partners.
In addition to its economic growth, the market for high-quality foods has also gained in importance for Austria’s neighbor to the east. Maresi and SENNA products are all marketed by the Maresi Foodbroker s.r.o. branch in Bratislava.
Hungary’s geographical proximity isn’t the only thing that makes its market advantageous for the VIVATIS Holding AG subsidiaries. Whereas SENNA sells its products via local distribution partners, Maresi Foodbroker markets a selection of international branded products through its Hungarian subsidiary, and FW Trading operates its own site in Hungary.
Maresi Foodbroker distributes an array of international branded products in Romania through its Romanian subsidiary, while a powerful sales and marketing organization ensures the success of all its brands.
SENNA specializes in the production and sale of margarine, cooking fat, cooking oil, mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces, convenience products, frozen dough, and rice. Despite a strong domestic food production, SENNA has been operating successfully in the Italian market for over a decade.



Our locations in Austria – the starting point for our business activities – combine top quality, skilled professionals, and a high level of efficiency.

Lindengasse 8
A-4040 Linz
Phone: +43/732/771933 www.vivatis.at
Tiefkühlkost Weinbergmaier GmbH
Leopold-Werndl-Straße 1
A-4493 Wolfern
Phone: +43/7253/7691 Fax: +43/7253/7691-25 www.weinbergmaier.at
TKV Oberösterreich GmbH Co KG
Regau 63
A-4844 Regau
Phone: +43/50 798 7 www.tkv-gruppe.at
Daily Service Tiefkühllogistik GmbH & Co KG
Gewerbestraße 6
A-4481 Asten
Phone: +43/7224/67391-0 Fax: +43/7224/66406-385 www.daily.at
GMS GOURMET GmbH - Zweigniederlassung St. Pölten
Zdarskystraße 3
3106 St.Pölten
Phone: +43/50/8760 www.gourmet.at
Raiffeisenplatz 1/4
2020 Hollabrunn
Phone: +43/2952/2335-0 www.weinbergmaier.at
Maresi Austria GmbH
Hietzinger Hauptstr. 119 - 121
A-1130 Wien
Phone: +43/1/53189-0 Fax: +43/1/53189-24 www.maresi.at
SENNA Nahrungsmittel GmbH & Co KG
Stockhammerngasse 19
A-1140 Wien
Phone: +43/1/91042-0 Fax: +43/1/91042-269 www.senna.at
Puchgasse 5
A-1220 Wien
Phone: +43/1/2581624-0 www.weinbergmaier.at
Oberlaaer Straße 298
A-1230 Wien
Phone: +43/50/876 Fax: +43/50/876-5510 www.gourmet.at
WOJNAR’S Wiener Leckerbissen Delikatessenerzeugung GmbH
Laxenburger Straße 250
1230 Wien
Phone: +43/1/815 85 05 Fax: +43/1/815 85 05 – 34 www.wojnar.at
TKV Burgenland GmbH
Industriegebiet 1
A-7321 Unterfrauenhaid
Phone: +43/50 798 2 www.tkv-gruppe.at
PUREA Austria GmbH
Landscha 8
A-8424 Gabersdorf
Phone: +43/50 798 3 www.purea.com