The sustainability projects of


Carbon neutrality

Daily is taking numerous steps to achieve carbon neutrality. In addition to a project that digitizes delivery and consignment notes to reduce paper consumption, the company is optimizing route planning. Faster and better-designed processes increase efficiency and reduce the number of kilometres driven. Daily also compensated for the company’s emissions in 2020 by purchasing CO2 certificates. Once again, these certificates were used to support a highly effective, high-quality climate protection project in Uganda.


Refrigeration technology using natural coolants

For years, Daily’s investments have been assessed according to ecological standards in order to ensure that they serve the goal of carbon neutrality. Another important result of this policy was the final replacement of the freezing technology used by Daily. Refrigeration in Daily’s cold stores is mainly provided by natural and extremely efficient coolants like CO2 and ammonia. In 2020, the remaining plant sections were converted to this extremely eco-friendly refrigeration technology. In addition, the waste heat generated by the refrigeration process is used to heat the building. Thanks to this investment, Daily’s refrigeration is now as environmentally compatible as possible.


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