the nature – our most important asset

Our contribution to society

Our sustainability projects

At the VIVATIS Group, the responsible use of resources and a comprehensive and sustainable protection of the environment are central components of our corporate culture. We use local ingredients as much as possible. In our operations, we focus on modern production plants and procedures along with resource-saving and energy-efficient processes. All of the electricity used by VIVATIS comes from renewable sources.

Throughout the logistics chain, VIVATIS promotes CO2 savings with its external partners and for its own vehicle fleet. Waste-heat recovery, water treatment, and energy-efficient lighting technologies are standard at all group facilities.

All subsidiaries of the VIVATIS Group actively contribute to the protection of the environment through a variety of sustainability projects.


GOURMET lives sustainability in all dimensions, towards people and the environment: as a responsible and family-friendly employer, as a reliable partner for customers and suppliers, by purchasing regional, seasonal ingredients and by using all natural resources sparingly.


SENNA lives sustainability along the entire value chain through its environmentally friendly and resource-saving actions and its sustainable products. Suppliers and product ingredients are carefully selected, employees are continuously trained, transport routes are kept as short as possible and systems are continuously modernized.


The driving force behind all MARESI sustainability projects is of course the satisfaction of 54 million consumers in Austria and CEE! Palm oil and palm fat have already been largely dispensed with, sustainable honey production has been promoted and new innovative products are constantly being developed.


Regional matters at KARNERTA! Every day, the decision is made consciously to buy fair and high-quality goods with a high degree of transparency, in order to ensure that the raw material can be tracked seamlessly. When choosing suppliers, great value is placed on regionality, on the one hand to avoid transporting the goods across Europe and on the other hand to create and secure regional jobs.


Weinbergmaier relies on local raw material suppliers and contract farmers through and through. The raw material for the products - the potatoes - comes mainly from the Weinviertel, the Marchfeld and Burgenland. But the conservation of resources through innovative heating and cooling systems is also part of Weinbergmaier's sustainability projects.


As one of the first companies in Austria, DAILY voluntarily offsets its emissions in accordance with the strict Kyoto Protocol. Daily also supports particularly effective and high-quality climate protection projects in developing and emerging countries. Exactly where there is a need for massive incentives to expand renewable energies!


The PUREA/TKV GROUP works for the recycling of valuable raw materials. But the heat from the manufacturing processes is also used internally for applications within the company itself.


For WOJNAR'S, sustainability means thinking today about the day after tomorrow. As a company, WOJNAR'S feels obliged to strengthen sustainability in operations and is therefore always looking for new solutions.