For VIVATIS – for our consumers, our customers, our employees, and our partners – quality is an all-encompassing experience. As a leading company in the food and beverage industry, we’re aware of our responsibility to supply high-quality products to hundreds of thousands of consumers. As an important partner to the domestic farming industry, we process over 100 million kilograms of Austrian meat, fruit, vegetables, and dairy products per year.

Our understanding of quality starts with our choice of suppliers and partners and carries over to all processes, from inspecting all ingredients to their consumption by customers and the services we provide.

One way that we meet these high quality standards is through employee training. The VIVATIS ACADEMY provides employees with a comprehensive understanding of quality that extends to all areas of responsibility and departments in our subsidiaries.

During product development, teams consisting of food technologists, nutritionists, and experts from other fields are working to ensure that our customers will enjoy food that’s not just high in quality but that’s also healthy and safe.

Raw ingredients, manufacturing processes, and the products we manufacture undergo strict quality controls to guarantee that the products ultimately meet the requirements of our customers and consumers. VIVATIS operates several testing laboratories as well as collaborating with external partners.

Our facilities welcome challenges. Every year we invite independent experts to inspect our operations within the framework of a number of certifications, and we’re proud of the excellent results of these inspections.

30000 Product analyzes annually
55 certification audits annually
50 internal experts for quality management

Here are just some of our facilities’ certificates and seals of approval:

  • ISO 9001:2015 – Quality management systems
  • ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental management systems
  • ISO 50001:2018 – Energy management systems
  • IFS – International Featured Standard
  • BRC – British Retail Consortium
  • GMP+ – Feed safety
  • BIO Seal of Approval
  • AMA Seal of Approval
  • And more



Our leading position in the Austrian food and beverage industry is the result of our commitment to quality and our power of innovation. As a forward-looking company, our goals are to remain at the forefront with strong brands, set trends, and meet the needs of consumers as completely as possible.

Constant innovation is extremely important in the food and beverage industry. It’s vital for us to influence and set the trends in market segments, processes, and procedures through pioneering activities. Our many innovations in the areas of product design and marketing are responsible for our subsidiaries’ top positions in the individual market segments.


We deal with the ever-increasing market requirements and the pressure to innovate by collaborating closely with academic research institutions and professional associations. This is the secret behind our ability to successfully offer our customers the products they demand and love.