We love what tastes good

WOJNAR'S is one of the best-known family companies in Austria. The brand has stood for the best quality, tradition and innovation at the highest level for over 90 years. At the same time, the name also stands for Austria's popular snack and snack classics, such as the Original Liptauer or many other spreads and salads.

The Vienna-based company processes only the best raw materials and ingredients for good reason: Thanks to the highest certification levels, WOJNAR'S exceeds the strict standards that are required in the manufacture of delicatessen and fresh products across the entire product range.

The innovative side of the brand also benefits from this: WOJNAR'S has now made a name for itself in the food trade with vegetarian and vegan organic product lines.

The passion with which the entire WOJNAR'S team goes to work every day - from production to the finished product - can be seen in every bite, because it's not for nothing that they say: "We love what tastes good!"


  • Spreads (classic & vegan)
  • Delicatessen salads (classic & vegan)
  • sandwiches
  • To-go snack products
  • ready meals
  • sweet desserts

The Litauer - Our Classic

In Austria, the name WOJNAR'S is inseparably linked to the classic snack par excellence: the Original Liptauer, the popular spread made from curd cheese, fine spices and genuine Brimsen. It can also be found in stores beyond Austria's borders in both a mild and a hot version. Whether enjoyed on farmer's bread or snacked with vegetable sticks - the Liptauer is a timeless, local quality product for the hunger in between.

All organic - vegan & modern

Recognizing trends in good time is a tradition for WOJNAR'S. The company developed vegetarian and vegan products early on and placed them on the market. The success of the "Everything Organic" product line speaks for itself: whether pumpkin seed spread or vegan egg-free salad, the wide range of alternatives to conventional products ensures variety without sacrificing taste and the best local quality.