At the VIVATIS Group, our main objective is to be an honest, reliable, authentic, and transparent partner to our employees, customers, and suppliers as well as the environment as a whole.

As a reliable partner, we assume responsibility for our actions in our daily work and in our dealings with our stakeholders.

The Group pursues a systematic quality and growth policy. We see ourselves as an innovative company with strong brands on the cutting edge. We’re a major trendsetter in the food industry both domestically and beyond.

The four central pillars of our corporate mission – honesty, reliability, transparency, and authenticity – strengthen the identity of the entire VIVATIS Group.

Code of Conduct

with these values we build


We are open, appreciative and committed. We perceive our role model function towards the company, employees, customers and business partners. The basis for authenticity is a healthy corporate culture and shared values ​​with employees and customers.


By honesty, we mean trusting and transparent cooperation, both in dealing with our customers and with our suppliers. We insist on the right of our employees and partners to express their opinions openly and on their duty to report irregularities and other relevant information without fear of reprisal.


We stand by agreements made and personally ensure that the needs of our customers, partners and employees are met. Safety is the basis of our actions - we do not make any compromises here. Our products and services are subject to the highest security requirements and require excellent quality standards in all areas and processes.


Our interaction and communication with colleagues, partners and customers is characterized by openness and transparency. Openly communicated expectations enable us to achieve our goals together and efficiently. Transparency creates reliability and is the basis for goal-oriented action.


VIVATIS Holding AG stands for integrity and compliance with laws. For us, compliance means assuming joint responsibility for our employees and our company. We act in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
If something goes wrong, it is vital to address the issue. We encourage our employees, though also our business partners, to point out potential shortcomings within the company. Every pointer is important, giving us the opportunity to combat irregularities and prevent them in future, which in turn allows us to improve.
If there is indeed something you wish to draw our attention to, please do so using our Notification Platform.

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At the VIVATIS Group, the responsible use of resources and a comprehensive and sustainable protection of the environment are central components of our corporate culture. We use local ingredients as much as possible. In our operations, we focus on modern production plants and procedures along with resource-saving and energy-efficient processes. All of the electricity used by VIVATIS comes from renewable sources. Throughout the logistics chain, VIVATIS promotes CO2 savings with its external partners and for its own vehicle fleet. Waste-heat recovery, water treatment, and energy-efficient lighting technologies are standard at all group facilities. Since the end of 2018, for example, the rendering plants in Upper Austria and Styria have been making a special contribution to environmental and climate protection: The waste heat from their production process is fed into the local district heating grids.

We’re also dedicated to making the products themselves regional, organic, and sustainable.