The MARESI brand has existed since 1955 and stands for Austrian milk products of exceptional quality. Farms that have been operated for generations in the heart of the beautiful Austrian Alps provide the homes for our dairy cows. The small, personally tended herds of cows feed on lush grass, a multitude of wild-growing herbs and high-grade, genetically unmodified fodder sourced exclusively from Austria and Europe. Every day, these dairy cows supply us with good farmhouse-fresh milk from the Austrian Alps, subsequently processed at our dairy plant, in accordance with highest quality-standards, into MARESI products.

Regular, independent inspections conducted by Austrian institutions both at the farms as well as the dairy, guarantee constant high quality and food safety. Our stringent controls and proven quality-assurance system guarantee the excellence of MARESI products.


  • Coffee milk
  • Milk powder
  • Ice coffee


Austria’s most popular coffee milk is marketed under the brand MARESI. It is produced from the very best alpine milk in Austria, turns coffee golden brown and provides for the coffee enjoyment that is typically MARESI. Around 1 liter of whole milk is required in order to produce one 500g bottle of MARESI coffee milk. This explains why it was also once referred to as “double milk”. During production, fresh Austrian alpine milk is heat-condensed, giving it a longer shelf-life and ensuring that MARESI coffee milk acquires its typical creamy consistency. MARESI milk has been produced in Ennstal, Styria, since 1955 and is available in three varieties – original, light and organic. All three are pure natural products containing no preservatives or additives whatsoever.


The MARESI brand has also featured ready-to-drink ice coffee since 2015. This ice coffee in a convenient cup is available in flavors Cocoa, Cappuccino, Chococcino, Classic, Latte, No Sugar Added, Nougat and Vanilla – ideal for on the road.
Its creamy composition turns every break into an enjoyable timeout.


The MARESI product line also includes a low-fat milk powder which dissolves immediately. During the manufacturing process, water and fat are gently removed from the fresh milk, giving it a longer shelf-life. The instant solubility of the product is achieved by means of a special process. Due to the extended shelf-life without need for refrigeration, low-fat milk powder is ideal for the pantry at home as well as use when you are on the road, on vacation or camping. The range of uses for stir-in milk powder is just as broad as for fresh milk.