Sustainable Fishing - MSC

The MSC (=Marine Stewardship Council) seal stands for the use of environmentally friendly fishing methods and for the responsible use of stocks. The MSC is an independent and non-profit organization that operates worldwide and was founded jointly by the environmental organization WWF and the food company Unilever to offer a solution to the global problem of overfishing. By buying MSC-certified fish, consumers support sustainable and responsibly managed fisheries and send a clear message to the food trade. All WOJNAR'S fish products carry the MSC seal, so that only the best quality reaches our customers.

Free range chickens

In order to make a contribution to animal welfare, WOJNAR'S decided in April 2012 to convert all branded products that contain eggs or egg parts to free-range animal husbandry.
Egg assurance of origin: The consumer desire for egg products that are demonstrably NOT made with eggs from laying hens in cage farming is ensured by the certification system of agroVet GmbH.

Climate neutral company

For us, sustainability means thinking today about the day after tomorrow. As a company, we not only have the opportunity but also the obligation to strengthen sustainability in our operations. We rely on new solutions that conserve resources, from the purchase of raw materials to production and logistics. Because living sustainability has a positive effect on the environment, society, health and the economy. WOJNAR'S values ​​climate-neutral work and the smallest possible CO2 footprint.

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