The sustainability projects of


Focus on the origin of raw materials

Both quality and origin play a major role in the sourcing of raw materials for meat production. Ninety-five percent of the meat used in KARNERTA’s production comes from Austria. The only reason that total hasn’t reached 100 percent at this time is because of a scarcity of resources.

Reduced packaging materials

KARNERTA is zeroing in on reducing the packaging materials for every new product it develops as well as for existing products. Its greatest achievement in this area was in the pasta business field. The packaging of its Carinthian cheese noodle product was changed from a plastic bowl and wrapping to a bag with a tab, thus saving 17 tons of packaging materials.


Organic products

In the pasta business field in particular, organic products are responsible for a strong and stable share of sales. All essential ingredients come from Austria, including the organic, free-range eggs. The core range includes spätzle, Carinthian cheese noodles and ravioli, and we were currently able to get a new listing with Hofer.

Seasonal products protect the environment

In the pasta sector, seasonal product fillings are appealing to all customer groups. The focus on seasonally available raw ingredients makes a significant contribution to the environment and offers consumers a great deal of variety.