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SENNA promotes sustainable ZERO PALM products

A group-wide project with an ambitious goal – to eliminate palm oil or use only certified sustainable palm oil – has been underway in the VIVATIS Group for several years, with SENNA playing a leading role. The company has committed itself to eliminating palm oil or using only sustainable palm oil in its margarine and fat production by 2025. Since 2011, SENNA has been a dedicated member of the Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Together with this non-profit organization, SENNA supports the development and implementation of global standards for sustainable palm oil and its certification. The RSPO logo is already emblazoned on several SENNA products. Customers’ increasing demand for palm oil-free or certified products demonstrates the importance of this sustainability issue and its relevance for revenue. In the future, SENNA will be going even further. It will not only expand its “Zero Palm” product range, but will also concentrate efforts on a “Zero Tropical” range. This is because in addition to palm oil, customers and consumers are also increasingly focused on coconut oil, avocado oil and peanut oil due to these products’ growing reputation as “undesirable ingredients” in terms of sustainable production, fair trade and health aspects.


Delicious and sustainable innovations using gentle steam

At an innovative plant that is unique in Austria, SENNA will be redesigning its manufacturing process for ketchup, sauces and dressings in a way that raises quality, sustainability and flavour to new levels. “Steam infusion” is revolutionising the production process. The infusion of hot steam ensures gentler and faster preparation and improves the taste of SENNA condiments. Shorter cooking times and lower temperatures during preparation optimally preserve aromas and the quality of the raw ingredients used. The new plant enables environmentally friendlier production and helps optimize sustainability at SENNA. The new steam infusion line saves energy, is eco-friendly thanks to reduced waste, reduces the amount of raw materials used and provides urgently needed capacities for SENNA condiment production.


SENNA cooperates with Hektar Nektar and supports bees

With its PROJECT 2028, Hektar Nektar has set itself the goal of increasing the number of bees in Germany and Austria by ten percent. Why is SENNA so concerned about bee protection? Bees are among the countries’ most important livestock. Their pollination services safeguard our biodiversity and our food supply. SENNA’s products are primarily composed of plant-based ingredients. Bees are largely responsible for products being available in the desired quantities and quality. That’s one reason why SENNA is supporting two beekeepers by supplying them with an entire bee population and the necessary equipment. In cooperation with Hektar Nektar, SENNA is making an important contribution to bee protection.


New heat pump consistently saves natural gas and reduces CO2 and energy costs

In 2019/20, SENNA took a major step forward in terms of sustainability. Michael Höbinger – Managing Director of the Technical Division – and his team are proud to announce that construction has been successfully completed and a new heat pump has been seamlessly commissioned. The centrepiece of the company’s plant recovers waste heat from refrigeration generation in margarine production. This heat is now immediately usable for hot water generation and also provides valuable energy for the production facility’s air conditioning system. This has not only allowed SENNA to lower its natural gas consumption by 20 percent, but has also reduced climate-damaging CO2 by 700 tons. At the production facility in the 14th district, overall energy costs were reduced by 15 percent. A sustainable decrease in overall energy costs is also expected over the coming years. The new heat pump is an example of a successful project that benefits the budget, employees and the environment.


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