Toni Kaiser


Toni Kaiser is right at home in the world of pastries and is synonymous with emblematic Austrian pastries. With its Toni Kaiser brand, WEINBERGMAIER GmbH meets its customers’ demand for strudels, cakes, and dumplings like those they remember from childhood.

The careful use of natural ingredients, time-honored recipes, and a flavor “just like grandma used to make” are the secret behind the premium quality of Toni Kaiser’s pastries!


  • Original Viennese pulled strudel dough
  • Original Viennese apple and quark strudels made with pulled strudel dough
  • Premium homemade apple strudel
  • Puff pastry and Danish pastry dough
  • Yeast dumplings – the original!
  • Sweet dumplings: apricot dumplings, nougat dumplings, plum dumplings, strawberry and apricot dumplings, quark dumplings
  • Kaiserschmarrn (emperor’s pancakes) with and without raisins
  • Quark pancakes and apple pancakes
  • Pastries: apple rings, quark dumplings, doughnuts, chocolate soufflés, plum jam turnovers, crêpes